First off, thanks to everyone who voted on the poll this week, here are the results.
It was a tie for the majority of the time, but in the end the option to have me continue reviewing Series 7 Part 2 won. This means my current review schedule for the rest of January will be:
  • 17th: Cold War
  • 18th: Hide
  • 19th: Journey to the Center of the TARDIS
  • 20th: The Crimson Horror 
  • 21st: Name of the Doctor
  • 25th: Day of the Doctor
  • 26th: Time of the Doctor
  • 31st: Series 7 Part 2 Retrospective 

The reviews for February have already been planned, but won't be revealed until the 31st. One again, thanks for voting guys. Hope you all enjoy the reviews that are on their way. 


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